Connect Mercury to Google Sheets™ instantly.

Say goodbye to manual data entry and complicated data exports. Easily analyze and visualize your data in Google Sheets™ with the ViaSheets connector.

Everything you need

Data Insights, Reporting, Customizable Dashboards

Connect your bank accounts and other sources directly to your Google Sheets™ and automatically sync your data for automated reporting and insights.

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Turn your data into insights
By bringing your data directly into your Google Sheets™ , you can save hours on cleanup and importing frustrations. Let us do the heavy lifting of data syncing for you.
Manage reporting for multiple accounts
Easily create marketing and sales reports from multiple accounts, now with ViaSheets data connector. Perfect for managing multiple brands or client accounts.
Customize your own dashboards
Stay on top of your KPIs using ViaSheets. Create custom dashboards or use ViaSheets templates to effortlessly track your data and gain insights.